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What is POOL?

POOL is a unique custom desktop app and download management platform designed to manage all the music that you download from Promo Only. Once installed on your PC or Mac, POOL allows you to play your music, organize your downloads, search by artist, title, or BPM, change file tags, and file sizes, and much more. All POOL downloads are fully compatible with iTunes. There is even free technical support, should you need it.

Download & Install POOL

Need help installing POOL or accessing your music? Contact us!

Current version: 5.0.112

Digital Delivery

Get the convenience of daily, weekly and monthly digital delivery of the newest releases and exclusive content via high-quality DRM-free MP3 or broadcast quality M4A. All files are tagged to include artist, title, BPM, genre and more.

At Your Fingertips

With POOL, you don't have to wait for promotional music in the mail. Your purchased music and music video is always available for download right to your hard drive.

Sync It Up

POOL has multiple options covering how the file is named and where it downloads to.

Amazing Value

Our packages come with tons of music and video at a tiny little price tag. Get the package that fits your needs and your budget. Packages start at just $12.00 per month.

You Want It All

  • Multiple daily releases, on the same schedule as radio stations
  • Your choice of DRM-free 320 kbps MP3, full CD-quality audio (M4A), or MPEG4 (Video)
  • Content delivered directly to your hard drive via free download manager
  • Full previews of all content prior to download
  • One-click batch downloads of releases
  • Support for both Mac and PC
  • Free technical support, should you need it
  • Convenient monthly billing


While we don’t place DRM on our files, all POOL content contains an inaudible embedded user-watermark that links each song to each user’s account, allowing all POOL files to be traced to the original subscriber.

This does not prevent legitimate backup of content nor affect the use and play of our DRM-free files in any way. Signature agreeing to compliance with all copyright laws is required for service.