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Promo Only Limited provides a product whose sole intent is the promotional exposure of music and music video and is restricted to use by professional DJ's, Radio Stations, and specific music industry related professionals only. Use of this product beyond this intent is prohibited.

This entire agreement is binding for one year beyond the last day of the month of the last month's issue(s) subscribed to or shipped to Licensee. The agreement will be automatically extended for further like periods under the same terms and conditions upon renewal of any subscription or continued receipt of any product.

None of the music and videos received by Licensee can in ANY way be sold, rented, duplicated, broadcast, or removed for play at any restricted location. Licensor reserves the right to require Licensee to cease and desist playing any audio or video clip upon written notice. If Licensee violates any portion of this Agreement, Licensee's rights immediately terminate and all music and videos must be returned to Promo Only, Inc. upon demand.

Any resale, distribution in any manner, public display, and duplication in part or as a whole, including but not limited to all forms of digital encoding or duplication onto ANY format, is expressly prohibited. Duplication includes, but is not limited to, copies of files used on multiple computers, copies of discs used by multiple employees or contractors of the same business, or the use of any product at more than one (1) location whether through copies of the original program on CD or DVD, via digital copies, or via use of centralized server(s) or other digital distribution systems or networks. Violation of any applicable laws, including federal copyright laws or any other misuse of this promotional product, is strictly prohibited. Subscribers violating any portion of these conditions will be subject to immediate cancellation of subscription with no refund, and the Licensee will be held responsible for any legal actions resulting from this misuse including but not limited to criminal prosecution. Promo Only, Inc. will be held harmless for any activity of subscriber not specifically stated in this agreement. All respective copyrights are retained by the artists, producers, and/or participating record labels and all applicable laws pertaining to original copyright owners continue to apply.

Because of its promotional nature, Promo Only, Limited reserves the right to refuse a subscription to anyone, for any reason, and cancel any subscription without refund for violation of any of the above statements or the inability to verify any of the information supplied by the subscriber.

CD's and DVDs damaged in shipping, having defects from manufacturing, or which are lost in shipping will be replaced by mail upon return of defective disc(s) or notification by the 30th day of the month it was issued. Promo Only reserves the right to discontinue subscriptions for excessive replacements.

By using our services Subscriber acknowledge the preceding statements and the following:

1. All information provided by Subscriber is true and correct
2. Subscriber is over 18 years of age and confirms this document as a whole is a legal and binding contract
3. Discs & downloads may not be resold, exchanged, or copied with the intent of distribution; nor can copies of discs and digital files be used by multiple employees of the same business
4. Subscriber is responsible for all applicable ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and other related performance fees
5. Service cancellation requests must be received at least three (3) days prior to the next billing cycle (the first of each month). Upon receipt of cancellation Subscriber will have a full 30-days to complete any outstanding downloads
6. No credit or refunds shall be issued to those who have downloaded content
7. Promo Only, Limited reserves the right to refuse a subscription to anyone, for any reason, and to cancel any subscription at anytime, without refund, for violation of this agreement
8. Subscriber assumes responsibility for any and all legal fees arising from enforcement of any terms of this Agreement

Submission of this form confirms that you have read, understand, and accept these terms. Promo Only, Inc is not responsible for errors resulting from your failure to read the above

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